Frequently Asked Questions - Crane Heating and Air Conditioning

Frequently Asked Questions

Your filter should be changed every 30 days.  We recommend using the “cheap” fiberglass filter, however if you want to use a “HEPA” style filter please make sure that you are changing it every 30 days (no matter what the instructions say).  80% of all HVAC system failures are related to air flow problems, such as a dirty filter.

Of course!! If you need an estimate for new equipment we would be happy to go over options with you to help you make an informed decision.

We do offer the Bryant Preferred Air Purifier.  The units capture viruses and bacteria, which are then deactivated, or “killed” using patented, state-of-the-art technology, helping prevent further growth of bacteria on the filter.

We also offer Ultra-Violet (UV) Lights.  These UV lights are installed in the duct work, near the cooling coil.  As the air passes by, the UV light effectively neuters any mold, bacteria and viruses.  Also, because these lights have activated carbon cells, they reduce odors that are trapped in the home.